Childhood Home

May 31, 2019

Taking it in one blink at a time,

The memories made, so quickly passed by.

Each room with a purpose so special to me,

My childhood before me is all I can see.

Emotions grow stronger with each passing step,

It’s more than four walls or a roof above my head.

If I asked these walls, “What have you seen?”

They’d answer, “A love so pure, unique, and serene.”

The smells that surrounded the kitchen with love,

Are now but memories I can’t get rid of.

This house has heard laughter, seen tears through the years,

The heartaches and first dates, our hopes and our fears.

So goodbye old friend and thank you again,

I’ll miss you sincerely, but it’s not the end.

As I leave you behind, I will never forget,

The holidays, the movie nights, those Saturday night duets.

Please don’t leave my heart when I begin to rhome,

You were more than four walls, you were my childhood home.

The House that built Me

By: Miranda Lambert

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