Let go and Let God

June 19, 2019

Sitting in observance of all that surrounds,

Brings unsteady feelings of fears quite profound.

The imminent changes involving us all,

Will remind us of the Divine story, That it’s not our call.

The sacred evolution of our spiritual selves,

Has rendered our impurities and bid them farewell.

Yet still we are left with uncertainties aplenty,

Our path not so clear, we are floating on empty.

So many stories of glory and promise,

In this crippled world that we have upon us.

But one story remains true through eons of time,

That one must let go of the past and trust His design.

Upheavals and mayhem may enter our lives,

But these are just tests to ensure we’ll survive.

We’ve not been forgotten, just stubborn; unwise.

Continuing to resolve matters on our own as our soul just cries.

Let go and Let God, for trust in his plan,

You’ve done all you can, now it’s time He began,

To work in your life and direct your passage,

To strengthen your soul, to eliminate the baggage.

May He give you rest and calm all your worries,

And lead you on the path to your glorious and promised journey.

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