The Day draws near

June 22, 2019

Sightless we approach the days before us, consumed by the advances of our time.

Our focus drawn towards meaningless commodities, while there is no time for the Divine.

As each day passes we grow tired and frail,

The things of this world have now a grasp on us, but we must prevail.

Souls that are lost without an urgency to be found,

The lies, deceit and debauchery abound.

As we look around we’d be blind not to see,

The chaos, the coldness, why wouldn’t you agree?

With political upheaval and wars ever present,

It’s our everyday norm and is happening to frequent.

The gravity of the situation is more dire than we think,

The day is fast approaching, things will change with just one blink.

For those whom are seeking the Truth and the Way,

Have been promised guidance, a new life, a new day.

Hold tight to HIS word, for it’s power is mighty,

Do not stray away, the repercussions are unsightly.

That “Some Day” will come like a thief in the night,

All eyes wide opened by HIS radiant bright light.

Revelations 16:15

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