“The Announcement”

July 26, 2018

Have you ever had a premonition? My dream last night began with a feeling that something was about to happen. Something that would change everyone, for better or for worst, in an instant.

The Dream

I was at a grand event of some sort. Present, were many of my family and friends, along with some of the people from the church I attend. We were all gathered in this huge hall, or arena. This hall did not have a roof or covering. Everyone gathered there was having appetizers and refreshments, and were surrounded by televisions. Suddenly, the news came on and everyone began to listen very attentively.

The news journalists were speaking of some kind of “worldwide apparition” in the sky that had been occurring. Then from the crowd, I heard someone yell, “Look up at the sky!” In the sky, was a huge cross beginning to form. This cross was thick and was taking up most of the sky. Everyone around me was in total awe at what we were witnessing.

I heard a woman saying, “I can’t believe this is really happening. I can’t handle this!” All of a sudden, the city’s tornado siren’s went off, followed by a man’s loud voice saying, “I will come sooner than expected. Look at what you have done to my land!” His voice shook the ground and everyone who was standing knelt at once. I woke up a little shaken this morning, I’m not going to lie.


So let’s interpret this dream in two parts.

Part one:

Apparition in the sky:

This represents a project or task that one has yet to complete. Apparitions are the spirit of life. It symbolizes experiencing a major change in the way that one sees life. This may also represent a “message” or a “warning.”

The Cross:

This refers to a time to really find yourself and enjoy all life has to offer. Seeing a cross in your dream is both positive and favourable.


These represent warnings that have been given, but have been ignored.

Jesus’ message of returning soon:

One’s biggest goals will be achieved. This gives a person who has gone through struggle, strenth and console. This may also represent a rise in followers for Jesus.

This dream was extremely vivid and left me feeling very vulnerable this morning. So like I said earlier, this was part one of how this dream may be interpreted.

Here is Part two:


Jesus Christ showing himself to the world in the form of the cross. Reminding us all of his endless love, grace, and mercy.

Jesus message of return:

We are being given another warning to be good and do good. Another opportunity to change and soften our hearts, before unavoidable storms occur out of the blue.

So for the Non-believers I say to you, wether or not you have opened your mind and eyes to the possibility that there is something much greater than you or I in this great universe, the change will be unavoidable. You see, we live in a world where, no matter what, someone is held accountable, and what you reap, you will sowe. And the love that is being given to us is so immense, that we are given multiple opportunities to rectify ourselves. My wish for you is that you come to realize this in time.

And for the believers, wether or not this dream is true, we must stay true to ourselves and our beliefs. As I’ve mentioned before, our goal should be to remember who we are, and trust God (OM), to bring you truth and purpose in your life. We all walk through storms in our lives. Some storms are so turbulent that we are forever changed to a new person. We must allow that new side of us to be filled with the kind of Love that will draw more and more people to follow that same truth. What are your thoughts?

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