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Letter “S” Dreams

February 11, 2019


Sabbath: A time of rest is needed.

Sabotage: There is something in your life that is being overlooked. It may also be someone in your waking life that may be trying to sabotage you or a certain situation.

Sack: Something that you are hiding or trying to protect. This may also represent a burden that you are carrying around.

Sadness: Good things are coming your way.

Saddle: The to clear out negative emotions within you.

Safari: You need to take a break. Take time your time to express your inner emotions. Learn to accept and embrace the dark side of yourself.

Sage: This represents spiritual purity and innocence.sage-1544883_640.jpg

Sailboat: Where you’re going in life right now is very important. Pay close attention!

Sale: The opportunities and experiences that didn’t come so often will begin to present themselves more frequently.

Salivate: This represents ones strength. Amazing luck will soon be entering your household.

Salt: A certain situation in your waking life will soon come to an end. This may also represent new opportunities that will enhance your inner growth.

salt-91539_640 (1).jpg

Salvage: A good deed that you have done will be reciprocated .

Sand: Beware of those that speak marvels to you in order to being you on board. This may bring instability or confusion.

Sandals: Soon, your streak of bad luck will be over.

Sandwich: You will grow in your business and finances. You will be presented with an opportunity that will allow or steady growth overtime.

Sanitize: There is a particular part of your life that is not going the way you would have hoped. You are trying to get to the source of it in order to better the situation.

Sapphire: There is absolutely nothing to worry about!

Sardines: Some social event will bring you much stress.

Satan: This represents a part of yourself that you either do not like, or do not feel comfortable with people seeing. There may be a part of your life that is crumbling by immorality of infidelity.someone-2482972_640

Sausage: New changes and opportunities in your career are headed your way. Someone may be coming to visit your property very soon.

Saving: You will experience an unexpected deduction or payment.

Scab: A complicated matter in your waking life that needs to be attended to, or cleaned out.

Scallops: If you are single, be on the look-out; your soul mate may just be around the corner.

Scam: You place too much trust in others. You may be viewed as naive and in turn, you are taken advantage of.monument-412941_640.jpg

Scar: A physical or emotional wound that one carries around. You are in need of healing.

Schedule: You are craving organization and stability in your life.

Scissors: You are either cutting out the things that no longer serve you in your waking life, or you are unifying your spiritual and physical self.

Scooter: Advancements in your future at a rapid pace.

Scratch: This may be referring to your bad temper with others. Make sure that you dial it down a notch to avoid any unnecessary confrontations.

Sea: This represents total spiritual awakening. Also, you may want to look up “Diving into the ocean”.

Seamstress: You will succeed in the workplace and achieve your goals/desires.

Seaweed: You must learn to rely on your intuition. Beware of those that are trying to influence you for their own personal gain.seaweed-9070_640.jpg

Seizure: A personal property that may be seized by the government. This may also represent someones  erratic behavior that will shock you.

Sequoia tree: Growth, compassion, hope, and abundance. This may also represent prayers that have been heard.

Seraphim angels: The “Ones of Love”. Pay close attention to the messages within the dream.

Serenade: Great news is headed your way!

Servant: This represents low self-esteem. You may have someone in your circle of friends that is not taking your seriously or having consideration.

Sewing: Fixing, or repairing a situation or relationship. Take note of what was going on in your dream and whom was sewing.viking-1493685_640

Shadow: Luck is on your side! Financial prosperity and gain.

Shaman: Someone will come into your life unexpectedly that will bring you the knowledge and insight that you need.

Shark: You may be going through a rough time in your life right now. This may represent your anger or hostile emotions.great-white-shark-398276_640

Shaving: You will be your own boss, and be able to ground and dominate your house and create stability.

Sheep: Parts of you that are hidden. These are the aspects of your self that you do not want anyone to see out of fear of what they may think.

Shelf: Ideas or opportunities that are waiting to be used accordingly.

Shelter: This may represent parts of yourself that you are trying to protect, or someone in your life that you are trying to keep protected.

Shit: This actually means Good fortune in everything. If you happen to be in a bathroom and see poop in the toilet, this means that you don’t care about what other people think.

Shoot: If you are doing the shooting, then this may imply that you are looking for someone to share your life with. If someone shot you, then there is someone out there that may be thinking of you in a similar fashion.firearm-409252_1920.jpg

Shopping: Pay close attention to what you are shopping for in a dream. This may represent ones desires and needs.

Shorts: You are ready for all and any complicated situation that will come your way. You will be there with poise, professionalism, and your utmost honesty.

Shouting: There is either a conflict with yourself, or bad news that is headed your way.

Shower: Cleansing is needed. You may be healing from some sort of emotional or physical pain.

Sickness: This may represent emotional problems, or someone in the waking life that is or will be sick.

Sinkhole: A problem or situation that may show up unexpectedly.hole-1036733_640

Skating: This represents your ability to maintain stability in your life.

Skeleton: Those who bully others will bring failures to their future.

Skydive: Taking a leap of faith.

Smelling: This will depend on what the dreamer was smelling. If it was a sweet perfume, this represents good and loyal people that surround you. Smells may also represent a memory.

Smoke: Delusional Happiness.

Smoothie: Positive energy that you are allowing in, in order to help your life move more smoothly.

Snake: There may be someone in your life that is not trustworthy, or evil. Be very careful on who you put your trust in. Remember that we are a slave to what we speak.

Sneakers: You feel the need to sit back and analyze your life, right at this particular time. You may be wanting a change of pace in your life. You are craving a change.feet-1840619_640.jpg

Sneezing: Paying one’s debts.

Snow: You may be facing a time of change, or renewal.

Soap: Your need to clean and refresh things in your life.

Soldier: This may represent the need for self-discipline or ones inner struggles.

Song: You may be in the midst of starting a new relationship.

Spanking: You need to work on the immature, childish side of you.

Spectator: You are viewing parts of your life and gaining insight from them.

Spinning: You will be rewarded for all of your hard work and achieve difficult tasks.turn-730510_640.jpg

Splinter: Watch out for those family members that may not wish you such good fortune as you may think. Also, be are that there may be an unpleasant visit from one of these family members that may not play out so well.

Spoon: Wealth, abundance, and achievements.


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