Soul Contract Readings

February 12, 2019

                  What is a Soul Contract Reading?


      Soul readings have been around for many years and is based on Hebrew Numerology that uses the sound of your name to create a spiritual map of your life. It was designed to guide you to your soul purpose. Nicolas David Ngan developed and perfected this method after a channeled reading in 1990 with spiritual channeller, Frank Alper. It is a tool, or blueprint that helps you discover where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Discover the gifts and potential within you and how to use them wisely. This type of reading describes your karmic patterns, your goals, and your talents, both physical and spiritual. A Soul Contract reading will not only allow you to see where you’ve been and who you truly are, but it will help clear your future path and aid in self-achievement.

 Soul Contract Reading

 Limited: $50.00


***All Soul Contract Readings will be available shortly. If you would like to request your reading now, please leave me your name, email address, and the best way to contact you in the message box below. Thank you!

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