“The Red Napkin”

Life can sometimes throw us a major curve ball. It can place us in uncomfortable circumstances such as changes in your career or business, family relationships, financial status, religious changes, etc. And it’s no doubt that each of these transitions can bring about stress on every level. Depending on your situation, will be the degree of impact on your personal self. Life changes can leave us doubting ourselves. It may even have us questioning our sense of identity. Although to us it may seem like the end of the world, I’ve learned that transitions can be a wonderful opportunity for growth.

Dreams can act as a therapy during these transitions in your life. They may come as a small excerpt for comfort, or a long “movie” to guide you through. On June 20th, 2018, I dreamed that I was in a parking lot at the mall. I was with my husband and children, making our way towards my husband’s truck. As I opened the passenger door to get in, I noticed a red table napkin, dug into the handle of the car door. I never took the napkin from the door, I simply starred at it, wondering why it was left there, as I sat inside and buckled up. As we start driving off, I could see a strange man, from my rearview mirror, walking slowly towards our truck, with the same red napkin. I didn’t have a good feeling from this man (bad feeling). I was glad we drove off when we did.

Now let’s analyze this dream. As you can see, all the important Key Words are in bold. Starting with the Parking lot, this represents a transition in your career as you explore new avenues, in which you can move forward. In a sense, your forward movement is currently on a temporary hold. As for the Table Napkin, this symbolizes entertainment where you will be the main figure. It is a symbol of our emotional state and our needs being met. The color Red on the napkin, represents a raw energy force, passion, aggression, power, courage, inclusiveness, a deep and spiritual connotation. The Stranger may be aspects of yourself that you are denying or repressing. This may also be a guide that is bringing you what you are lacking in emotional needs. He is most likely bringing you inspiration and support, in your transitional journey.

As the saying goes, “Great things never came from comfort zones.” Each change that we face in our lives, requires a new version of ourselves. Each new version being a better and stronger one. Get to that point where you are comfortable being uncomfortable. We may sometimes feel that we are walking with no directions, but if you watch carefully, you can see that we are never really “walking alone”.

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