“The face in the clouds”

June 20, 2018

I’m not sure about you, but I for one am a cloud watcher. I find a sense of peace and calmness when I look up at the clouds just passing by. At times, you can make out an image in the clouds, such as a heart, an elephant, ect. For some, there are religious figures that they may see. This is called Pareidolia, or the experience of a person finding meaning or significance in a random stimulus.

When dreaming of faces in the clouds, it may portray a whole other meaning. On February 4th, 2014, I had a strange dream of two faces in the clouds. One of the faces was half pirate, and the other half skeleton. To the lower left of that face, was another person’s face (I could not tell the gender), looking at the pirate with a worried stare. Faces in clouds could signify that you are giving preference to external beauty, rather than seeing what truly lies inside of that person. Depending on how the expression on the face was, is what that person’s behavior or attitude is towards you. This person may seem sweet on the outside, but has cruel intentions against you. There is symbolism of a person or situation that is adding chaos to your emotional life. You may even feel that someone has violated your integrity.

In this case the Pirate may represent freedom, risk taking, and adventures. As for a Skeleton face, this symbolizes feelings in your life that have totally been stripped away. Skeletons also reflect ones fears, or lingering memories about their failures, or any unpleasant changes that have occurred in their life. When looking at this specific dream as a whole, one may interpret it as the person’s face, being ones face. How there may be aspects of ones life that we don’t pay enough attention to, or how fear of what might be, can take over.

These faces can often times, give off feelings of being watched. Our fears of being seen for who we truly are. They may tell us to become more observant and cautious when dealing with a particular person or situation. Fear puts us in our most vulnerable state and can sometimes prohibit us from moving forward. Past or present situations are there to teach us. We may choose to change it, or we may choose to keep it exactly the way it is. Am I happy? What am I scared about? Why do I care what others think? Why do I care how others see me? Or like the skeleton, allowing others to strip away at your feelings. Either way, keep a close eye on what those dreams are revealing to you. They just may be the key to helping you move forward.





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  • Brianna June 20, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    What an amazing analysis!Thank you for sharing your personal dreams with us.

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