“The many colors of our Self”

June 19, 2018

There are four distinct parts that make up a human. That’s the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. As humans, we have attributes such as reason, morality, conciousness, or self-conciousness. In the spiritual world, there are many things that may describe a human personally. Some of these are animals, numbers, and colors. These may describe your strengths and weaknesses, your fears and concerns, your life path, your relationship with yourself and others, and so on.

On February of 2017, I had a very distinct dream. I found myself running through a beautiful forest, towards someone that I did not know, and could not see. Before I reached that person, I am intersected by another being filled with a very bright, white light. This being stood in front of me, positioning it’s light with the light eminating from my body. However, I noticed that my light was not white, rather the first layer was light pink and the second layer lime green.

Although this dream may seem short, it carries many messages within it. The forest symbolizes a state of being lost or confused. It is encouraging you to trust your instincts in order to find your way out. It can also mean that you are exploring your unconscious to “find yourself.” In the dream, I found myself running towards someone. Now, you should always be certain if you were running to or away from someone, as each of these have a totally different meaning. Running towards may represent that you are on the right track about a particular goal or certain responsibilities.When seeing a “Being of Light“, this represents illumination, clarity, guidance, understanding, and also insight. You may also find, that there will be light shed on a particular situation that was once confusing. I felt a sense of love from this being. Almost as if it’s light was purifying all the negative emotions within me.

When it comes to the Auras, or rings of colors that make up our outer layers, it is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds people, like an egg-shaped ball of energy. The light pink aura represents a very sensitive soul who values love, art, and freedom. This color symbolizes a natural healer. Someone who is highly sensitive to the needs of others. Lime green, when seen as a second layer, means that this person is being guided by their highest good. Green represents prosperity and growth, but also negative emotions like envy and pride. The two layers in this dream represent emotions and feelings.

These dreams help us see ourselves a little deeper. They come to open up our hearts and our minds, or to give us that boost in confidence we may need. Once again we see a “guide”, or “light being”, within the dream reminding us that we are not alone. You can sometimes draw in beings that are in alignment with your vibration. Journeying through these types of dreams is about mirroring, and the better you get at understanding these visions, the clearer they will become.


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