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September 25, 2018

Britain is the Highest System Anarchy!

This was the sentence I woke up to on September 23, 2018. Not sure as to the understanding at first, as we all know that Great Britain became an anarchy back in the early to mid 1100’s, during the English Civil war. What does this mean? Is this a warning that Britain will go into another war? Maybe. Does this have anything to do with one personally? Maybe!


Dream Symbolism

This dream, although very short, sends a sign from the unconscious, that changes are coming soon. Dreams about Anarchy coin the phrases, “Descending into chaos” and “The situation is becoming chaotic now!”¬† Anarchy in dreams also represents being on your way to a new life.


Now in this dream, we must break up two words here, Anarchy and Highest Anarchy. Highest Anarchy¬†represents someone who would like to persuade you into a dilapidated business transaction. Its advising you to pay close attention to business matter, especially those with games of chance. Be mindful of who is advising you this wonderful opportunity, it may not be as “fantastic” as it seems.

Dreaming of Britain, or England in a dream, may reflect someone’s confidence about proper conduct. There is no doubt in your mind that you are right, about being moral, or that something you are doing is effective. You may be compensated for a good deed in the near future. Dreams such as these, may not only be precognitive in the literal sense, but is also letting you know that after the turbulent chaos comes a time of peace. This may actually represent, not just our own lives, but this world in general; life.

After a storm, there’s peace and tranquility. The only way to true change, is going through the storm. You’re soul is ridding itself of everything that no longer serves it. And after the storm, you will be different, the sun will shine and the rainbow will eventually follow.

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