Alerts and Messages

September 15, 2018

Not only do dreams elaborate on current situations in our lives, but they also heed warnings or deliver messages that one must steer their attention to. For example, last nights dream wasn’t as vivid as usual, however, you always try to remember the most about dreams that you can, in order to come up with the interpretation. It doesn’t take more than a few symbols or images, as everything carries some kind of symbolism.

The Dream

In last nights dream, I remember being in my garage and seeing my dad fixing my car. I asked, ” Hey dad, what’s wrong with my car? What are you doing to it?” He replied, “Very strange, but last night, someone came and carved out Fish Gills in your car.” And so I proceeded to inspect the rest of the car thinking, “Who in the world would carve fish gills in my car?

Dream #2-The Shift

Soon, my dream shifted into another, what I like to call “Dream Movie.” I found myself folding laundry, but a light blue bed sheet to be exact. I was making sure that it was folded very neatly and symmetrical. After that my dream was over.

Dream Meaning

Gills: This represents being able to “swim” or speedily get away from harm. These Gills give you the ability to adapt to certain circumstances more easily. This also has to do with one’s health condition, or that of a family members. There may be a lingering disease that is advised to take care of early on. Gills also represent your readiness to confront your true feelings and to fully submerge yourself in emotions.
Represents how you are moving through life. It is freedom and the ability to control and direct the path of your own life.

Folding bed sheets
This represents an inheritance of some kind. Either from a close relative (even one you may not have seen in many years), or a close friend. It won’t be alot of money, but certainly beneficial to you. This also represents a positive period for finances or anything related to investments and money. This may be a good time to think about investing.
Light blue sheets
This color represents the sky and the ocean. It also represents freedom, intuition, imagination, space, faith, heaven, and stability. It symbolizes power and protection, courage and strength. In the bible, light blue carries the meaning of Celestial Love and Truth. It also represents the Archangel Michael and clear communication.


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