The Great Unknown

September 13, 2018

Into the path of the great unknown,

Lies the answers we’ve been seeking on this road all alone.

What sense of fear and uncertainty has overcome you?

It’s not knowing who we are, what lies ahead, or this life we think is true.

Down this path of seemingly bottomless roads,

Is a light so bright and is calling me home.

There’s a comfort I feel in my heart, in my soul.

Though I can’t see the end of that road or my goal.

The illusions depicted, pictures painted so bright,

But these aren’t the Lord’s, no they’re not from his Light.

Be wise and observant though you can’t see this road,

God never intended for you to carry this load.

Through the Great Unknown we will one day see,

That this road we once traveled,

Gives a new meaning to Free!

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