September 17, 2018

Many times, our dreams will revert us back to our childhood days. This traveling back in time allows our subconscious mind to remember the innocence and purity within our childlike hearts. (Matthew 18:2 Jesus says that we must “become as little children” in order to enter the kingdom of God.) These dreams may be pointing out the “old us”, or how we used to be. It may also represent repressed memories of a lingering situation in our waking lives. It may also symbolize something that is missing in our lives, fear, being overwhelmed, reminiscing how easy things used to be, childhood friends, choices we made, etc. 

[DREAM #1]

Last nights dream is a perfect example. I found myself walking down the halls of my old elementary/middle school (I went to private school from 2nd to 12th grade). I was wearing the old school uniform, which consisted of a plaid navy blue skirt, white blouse, and brown penny loafers. I wasn’t doing much other than walking through the hallways and observing all the students passing by. I soon woke up around 2:45 a.m. and could not go back to sleep until 4:00 a.m.

[DREAM #2]

I walked into this enormous, luxurious building. It was filled with stores, restaurants, and professional businesses of all kinds. As I walked around, I began to recognize alot of the people who were present. There were family, friends, old friends from school, neighbors, old colleagues, etc. I remember running into an old colleague of my moms and asking her if there were any positions currently open where she is working. She said no, but that not to worry that she used to hold up signs for a living (I found that reply so confusing!). As I continued to walk, I find myself in the food court area, where there was a large group of old friends that were gathered there. As I approached them and said our “hello’s”, I noticed that all of their eyelashes were growing very long. I thought, “Wow, how amazing are their lashes?” But wait, they kept on growing! I soon walked away and continued on my tour of the building. I am now entering a ballroom with my husband, and we are apparently attending a Gala. Before we enter, there was someone at the entrance collecting tickets for the event. Soon thereafter, my dream had ended.


SCHOOL UNIFORM: This represents an identification with an authority figure. Most of the time, it symbolizes order. This represents good opportunities for your life and current activities.

SCHOOL: This represents a childhood memory that needs to be addressed.

HALLWAY: Symbolizes a new beginning, or transition in the way you think, or in the circumstances of you life. You are waiting for something to happen after you’ve already completed a phase. 

LONG EYELASHES: You are trying to express yourself as best as you can. Your feelings are clear and precise and they need to come out. This also represents good fortune. Something is momentarily blocking your path/goal, and you are unable to move forward like you would like. 

GALA: You’ll find yourself in very beneficial circles in the future. You’re close to accomplishing your goals and will soon find happiness and content. 

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