There’s a storm coming

September 4, 2018

A series of events are converging together,

Can you feel it? It’s building and will change us forever.

Secluded in our worlds we’ve grown fond of possessions,

Paid no mind to self-worth, family values,  life’s lessons.

Since eons ago, only one thing stands strong,

The need for power and control over all.

We’ve witnessed these changes right in front of our eyes,

Yet we stand back in awe as if it’s a surprise.


You ask, “Who caused this and how can this be?”

“So much destruction around us, Lord please hear my plea!”

“My child I have warned you that this would occur.

The world has forgotten me. My voice is not heard!”

“Inescapable events will begin to unfold,

My heart breaks for my children, their hearts have grown cold.”

But through transformation comes a new world, new hearts,

The world we once lived in, will forever depart.

The ways of the wicked will not reappear,

It’s over and done with, there is no more fear.


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