“Extraordinary Travels”

August 2, 2018

Through multiple world’s we travel, at the closing of our night.

These world’s that seem so far to us, are but a short and simple flight.

There are color’s I’ve never seen before, so spectacular and bright.

Father I Thank You for this life of mine, for my family, and my sight.

The energies so present, so pure and so deep.

Helping me along my travels to exactly where I should be.

Reflections of this world and those that are unseen, your presence is but a mystery, where you’re headed, or where you’ve been.

But, where am I going? Oh, where could I be? This timeless location looks very different to me.

There are feelings of fright and feelings of joy, emotions we experience to allow us to convoy.

So enter these doors of endless dimensions, these mysteries will unveil themselves once you’ve awaken.

Our dreams are but a gift we’re given, an insight into our soul.

Engulf your mind with stillness; take the leap, and take the stroll.

Our dreams are our escape in life, our reality, and our assists.

The beauty we supress within us, in our minds, deep in our souls, is the innocent child inside ourselves reaching out to play the role.

By the time that we awaken, we’ll be left with quite a story.

The beautiful depictions of our Self to help our journey.

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  • Norma A Padron August 2, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    True, deep and beautiful. God bless you corazón.

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