“The search for Soul”

August 1, 2018

Through the archways of the soul lies a mysterious hidden world.

A world unknown to many because of the vastness of the journey.

To travel that far and wide is the pure essence of Divinity.

The one that we should hope for, get to know, and and pray for many.

This journey isn’t easy, we have many distractions of sorts.

But when we allow the flow to guide us, we will see colors and roads we have never seen before.

Fulfillment is searched by many, not knowing what or whom is missing.

It is a pure connection , something tender, deep and real.

Your search may continue to tire you.

For you will be pushed to your limits of exhaustion.

A place where you will know; there’s something greater out there than you and I, and our soul is sure to know.

Now one may travel further than they wanted, afraid of what may be next.

But the spirit offers hope and love and assures a time of rest.

Allow this time of reflection to give you what you need, may it be lessons, hardships, or even the longing to be free.

Continue on your journey, not forgetting what’s your goal.

To remember about Love and Connection, and the Light that lies within our soul.

By: Veronica Gonzalez

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