Pancho’s Visit

August 12, 2018

Sometimes, loved ones will make a quick visitation in a dream without really giving you a clear message. It later becomes a sort of puzzle, in which you must try to put together. Sometimes, our dearly departed will reach out to us because of “unfinished business” or circumstances that were left unresolved, looking for forgiveness, or even to give us insight as to a situation one may have to deal with in the future (near or far). When it comes to deceased family, these sort of dreams may leave us either filled with utmost joy, or melancholy and sad. Depending on the relationship with the dearly departed, will be your own interpretation.

Last night, I dreamt that I was at the store with my parents. My father asked me if it was okay that we paid my grandfather (we called him “Pancho”) a visit. Naturally I said yes , and so we got into the car and headed to his house. When we arrived, I was the first to arrive at the door. When I opened the door to his house, I walked into what looked like my parents kitchen. I found my grandfather facing me, leaning up against the counter. I said (In Spanish), “Hi abuelo! How are you?” I noticed he only smiled at me and didn’t reply. My dad for some reason, came to where my grandfather was, picked him up, and sat him on the counter like he was a child. They began conversing with my grandfather, but something wasn’t right. I noticed that my grandfather’s speech was slurred and his lip to the right was drooping, while his left eye was doing the same. I became very concerned and asked, “Abuelo, are you okay? Do you feel well? What’s wrong?” He replied, “Help me, I think I’m having a Stroke!” Nervous, I turned to my parents and asked them to call for help. I began to cry at the sight of my helpless grandfather. But then I thought, “Wait, how can grandpa be having a stroke if he’s already passed?” But, who was this directed towards? My dad? Soon after, my dream was over.

As you can see, dreams like these can leave one feeling sad almost for the entire day. It may even cause someone to relive those aching moments. But lets take a look at what message lies within this dream shall we? When it comes to me entering my grandfather’s house and then walking into my parents house, it resembles the last few months of my grandfather’s life in which my parents took care of him. A deceased grandparent may symbolize the feeling you are having of losing the support of someone you love. Now, this sense of support doesn’t necessarily have to be a person. You may be in need of guidance, protection, or comfort. Seeing your deceased grandfather may also represent the feeling of being permanent, getting into a new house or job and considering that situation, a long-term expectation. This may also symbolize you meeting your expectations in the very near future, or in a short time.

Having a Stroke in a dream, or seeing someone have a Stroke means that there is a certain situation in your waking life in which you are having trouble functioning. This may also represent ones repressed fears. On the bright side, consider the term, “A stroke of good luck”. A stroke in a dream may also be a “health alarm”. What is your family’s health history? Are you under alot of stress? Maybe you need to change your eating habits, and they are advising you to do so, in order to prevent anything from happening. Wether our dreams with our departed loved ones are bitter or sweet, we should always thank them for their visit. They will always come in peace, love, and with your best interest at heart. And yes, I miss my grandfather very much!

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