Heavenly Music

August 10, 2018

I know I’m not alone, if I ask how many of you out there have ever had ringing in your ears (Clinically called, Meniere’s Disease), maybe felt like they were clogged out of nowhere, or what about hearing music or bells? So yes, clinically there are certain names that would classify these sounds as conditions, however, spiritually there is also a “reason” and not classified as a “condition”. In the past, I have spoken about angels, or spirit guides, sending little messages I like to call, “small gifts”, just to remind us that they are there and we are not alone. Although this has happened to me countless times, I’ve never really taken my own advice and paid attention to why was it so relevant as to when I was hearing the sounds.


On July 7th, 2018, these sounds came to me a little different; in Dream State. I found myself in the middle of a beautiful field. It was filled with all sorts of gorgeous flowers, just like the scene in ” The Sound of Music“. I suddenly hear very faint music being whispered into my right ear. The music sounded oriental and had some beautiful bells ringing in the background. I just stood there in total peace, just listening to the music without a care in the world. It was very difficult to wake up the next morning after such a peaceful dream. But where was that music coming from and what does it all mean, besides the obvious peace I felt?

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Music in dreams may be interpreted as making arrangements or plans of some sort. There is something that you need to sort out in the waking life; something that needs solving. There is an issue that you just can’t seem to figure out. What issue are you going through that you may need a break from? It also tells of pleasure, prosperity, inspiration, and good news {“Music to my ears“}! As for the bells, the Chinese rang bells to communicate directly with spirits. The bells may be a call to a specific prayer, or something you have been consistently praying for. It marks a significant point to a ritual or prayer. Bells ringing have often been said to ward off evil of any kind.

The spiritual realm will always find ways to send you small messages to either sooth your anxieties, guide you, help you in an important decision, or simply assist you in any way they can. However, sometimes we are so busy in our daily lives that we don’t stop and listen. Angels are constantly speaking to us, we just need to learn their signs and language. The more you become aware of these signs, the clearer the messages will become. Next time you hear bells, music, humming, or ringing in your ears, stay still and just think about what situation you are going through at that very moment; you’ll be glad that you did!

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