“The Colorful House”

July 16, 2018

Messages in dreams take place in many ways. One of the most common ways are colors. It may be a yellow car, a black dress, the red door knob, or even a multicolored house. Colors express our feelings, personality traits, or choices we make. It is most important to take into account the color/s that stand out most to you.For example, last night in my dream, I found myself driving onto the driveway of my parents house. My parents were outside of their house painting. As I was parking, I couldn’t help notice how my parents were painting the house in different colors. The roof was hunter green, the walls hot pink, the columns yellow, and the trimming was light blue. I thought, “What in the world got into them? How can they even think that these colors match?” As I walked though the front door of the house, I set my purse and keys to the side and started looking for my mother. Mom was putting together an inflatable bed. I found it strange and asked whom that bed was for. And just like that, my dream had ended. screenshot_20180716-191013_pinterest4805020594977579049.jpg

Let’s take a closer look at the colors represented in this particular dream and see what they reveal. Hunter Green, is often associated with the military, financial, banking, and business. It is also one of the colors representing the heart chakra. This color says that you are traditional, credible and balanced. Things will work out well and you will prosper in life.  As for yellow, this represents the element of fire, our sense of vision, authority, energy, harmony, and personal identity. This color is part of the solar plexus chakra. When this color appears in a dream, it states that the intellect and spirituality are working together. Yellow lifts the soul, it increases your self-worth and gives us strength. Light Blue is letting you know that you are in need of a break. It is a comforting color representing selfless love. Blue has a helpful nature that can overcome any obstacle. This is the universal healer and is considered beneficial to the mind and body. Now Hot Pink most often relates to unconditional love and nurturing. The deeper the pink, the more passion there is. Hot pink inspires a more passionate and playful love. It exudes warmth, happiness, and a love of life. And then there’s the colorful house, which represents you mind through the perspective  of whatever the colors represent. This is a period of transition that you are moving through. You are trying to move forward in life and start a new life. This colorful home symbolizes one moving into a new home. You are taking an extremely creative and connected part of life. There are significant changed coming your way. We must also take the inflatable bed that made it’s presence in this dream. These beds represent a temporary situation. This is a situation that you will not be in for the long-term and will soon come to an end.

Now here is a dream, that personally comes at a very precise moment in my life. As for life changes, I think I speak for all of us when I say that they are tough and can even be scary. Changes, or transitions, may come quick or take a very long time. The wait can be grueling and the expectations, a wave of emotions and uncertainty. As we close our eyes to rest at night, our mind doesn’t stop. The situation is still there, the questions keep growing, and the anxiety of not knowing grows stronger. It is dreams like these that bring comfort when you need it. Something to calm your heart and sooth your mind. My wish for you, is that wherever you may be with your thoughts, you receive a reminder like this that will bring you love, comfort, and the courage you need to continue moving forward.

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