The “Time” Capsule

August 29, 2018

Anytime you begin meditation, it is recommended to request guidance and protection from God, your higher “Self”, and your angels (Guardians). Always ask that they protect you from any harm or negative entities, that may want to disturb your space. When we place ourselves in this concentrated deep state, we become vulnerable to these sort of things.

*Envision yourself wrapped in a giant,  oval egg-shaped white light of protection*19bf3c70adc88bc3dcf2d097153a26c6.jpg


I was a spectator at this time. It looked like I was in the desert somewhere around the time of Jesus or so. There was this young boy, about 9 or 11 years of age. He looked poor and was dressed in old beat up, white rags. I was looking at the boy trying to take out what looked like a Time Capsule, from the ground. He was struggling with it and i woke up before I saw him retrieve it.




This speaks of different changes in one’s life, either good or bad. However, it is nothing to be alarmed about as you will remain calm and find a reasonable conclusion for this situation. This may also represent “Good News” coming your way in the form of a surprise.


Time Capsule, Cylinder, or Tube:

There will be peace and comfort after a long period of struggle. This also represents a desire to escape your present reality. You’d like to go back to the past, or fast forward to the future where your goals will be realized. You are dealing with things at the moment that are causing you stress or creating anxiety.

The Time Capsule also symbolizes the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel in the bible (The King of Babylon)



This represents finding out information about someone or something.

Pulling out Something from the ground:

This is a positive action. There’s a current situation that can be resolved or dealt with. You need to focus on the object you are actively pulling out. It also symbolizes a certain stage in spiritual development. You’re being pulled in a certain direction. You may not know where you’re going, but just trust the feeling. This may be a call to give or share information that has been relayed to you, in which others may need to hear.

What is your interpretation?

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