“Life’s a bumpy ride”

July 10, 2018

I think that we can all agree that the analogy between life and a roller coaster is pretty spot on! Once you’re on, you have no choice but to tough it out. Consider the feelings that one may have while on the ride. You may experience feelings of fear, excitement, anxiety, and so on. You may even laugh, cry (guilty as charged), scream, throw your hands up, or hang on to someone. These are all too common feelings we all face at some point in our lives.


During meditation last night, I found myself at an amusement park with my husband and two kids. The park was filled with so many people, rides, and delicious food. It almost looked like a childs fantasy dreamland! I was filled with excitement and eager to get on those fun rides. As I was approaching one of the roller coasters, I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful and vibrant colors on all of the rides. While on the coaster, I had a smile on my face that I couldn’t help for the entire ride. This ride had many ups and downs, giant loops, and unexpected sharp turns. When the ride came to an end, so had my meditation.


Roller Coasters represent the ups and downs that one may experience in their lives. Usually, they notify you of changes in relationships or friendships. There may be a lot of things going on in your life right now. As for the Amusement Park, this may represent the need to set some time aside to relax and unwind. This is your subconscious’ way of letting you know that its time for you to recharge and reboot. The feelings of excitement which I felt while on the ride, may link to major developments in life that are presently taking place. One may be anticipating for some big event or news.


In life, we may sometimes feel like we are at the bottom of the roller coaster, only to look up and see that you’re on your way up again, and are now basking in the exciting moment. But in the meantime, that wait can seem treacherous. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and even sick to your stomach. In our lives we will experience it all, happiness and sadness, a life, a death, illness, wins, losses, and so on. But I’ve learned that through all of these wonderful and ruthless transitions, come very valuable lessons. Lessons that cannot be taught without going on that roller coaster. We must learn to ride it, and we must learn to throw our hands up freely. Learn to catch a breath when you’ve come to a stop, and brace yourself to do it all over again!

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