“Who am I, Where am I?”

July 7, 2018

Uncertainty is a part of life and something we all feel at some point, or maybe on a daily basis. This fear, or uncertainty, can keep us from achieving great things, or keep us holding on to things that may be hurting us. Even when you try to plan things accordingly, you CAN’T control the future. As for me, I’ve learned that these future events are unknown and unpredictable. The worst feeling to have, is looking towards a future you have in your mind, but not knowing what really lies ahead.


In my dream last night, I found myself visiting a friend in a hotel lobby. The hotel was beautiful and very luxurious! My friend (Not sure who she was really) was very sick and was being cared for by a close friend of hers. As we were conversing, I see that she’s coughing alot and ask her if the nurses have checked out that terrible cough. She replied, “Yea, the nurses are checking everything out, don’t worry.” Then I see that the napkin she was coughing into had blood all over it. She tossed the napkin into the garbage can, sitting on the floor to the right of her seat. The garbage can was filled with tissue napkins all covered in her blood. When she saw the concerned look on my face, she began to laugh. Confused, I stood up and said to her, “I’ll be back in a bit. There is a trunk show I’m hosting for my jewelry in one of the hotel rooms. See you later!” While preparing for the trunk show, I began laying out all of my handmade jewelry and lightly worn clothing, I had brought with me. My friend who was sick, decided to come by and check out my show. She loved all the handcrafted jewelry and could not stop browsing. Soon, there were more customers and the room began to fill. After that, everything else seemed to be a blurr.Screenshot_20180707-091233.jpg

Th hotel may be telling you that you are not very secure in your current life. This is only a temporary place for you to relax. You may not be feeling content with your current living conditions. A luxurious hotel means that one will be financially stable. This displays magnificence and some showing off. The lobby of a hotel represents the need for help. One may be at a place in their life where you feel you have nowhere to go. It is the meed to find a place where you feel you belong, that is yours, and you can rest. An actual room, or suite, resembles your desires to get away from pressures, demands and duties that you have at home.

Seeing a sick woman means that you will be over all obstacles and will be achieving an old goal. There is a concern for a person in your waking life. This is not necessarily related to health concerns. You’ve tried to help this person, but nothing has helped so far. The coughing up of blood is the desire to get rid of something that is bothering or irritating you such as, a situation, job, car, relationship, problem, and so on. Blood represents love and loyalty. It says that its time to take up your own spiritual well-being, and make sure you can achieve all that you have set out to accomplish. A trunk show represents your own sense of worth and personal value. It symbolizes knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold as precious in your life. Your own handcrafted jewelry may represent spiritual or psychological riches; or personal gifts and talents. As far as customers go, they are people whom you share your views and ideas with.

Sometimes we get to a point in our lives when we ponder as to where we’re we are going. Are we actually headed somewhere? We seem to plan everything so well, yet fail to take the uncertainties of the future into consideration. Frustration and anger set in, and all of a sudden, we forgot what our goals were in the beginning. The future is now a haze and is beginning to look more unattainable. We must learn to understand that the future is always changing. That life puts us in certain situations in order to push us towards where we SHOULD be, and not necessarily where we WANT to be. Not saying that where we want to be can’t happen! But, we are all here on a mission. Wether the road is difficult or the easiest, we must embrace and appreciate where we are, right now! As for the future, we shall live each day in the moment and as if it were our last; and as for planning, we shall leave that in the hands of the highest who knows best.

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  • sabiausted8 July 7, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Very interesting. We know how mine wonders many time, that’s why l been very interesting to work on my
    Intuition instead. I learned that it will never fail you; but the mine can mislead you.
    I also learned that if you follow your instincts you’ll build your trust, and doubt will fade away.

  • Norma July 7, 2018 at 4:14 pm


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