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November 29, 2018


Galaxy: Something very big will occur that will spark your creativity and imagination. Sit back and analyze where you were in life, and how you have arrived to where you are now.

Gap: You need to hear the two sides of every story. Have you been feeling distance from someone as of late?

Garage: Feeling a sense of boredom, or an unfulfilled life. You may also be feeling lost, or without any direction. You are craving some sort of stability.

Garbage: You are getting rid of bad habits, or negative traits. Where did you see the garbage in your dream? Was it in the kitchen, your car, your front lawn, etc.?

Garden: This represents personal and spiritual peace. What kind of plants were in the garden? Each plant is specific to a certain part of our lives. Ex. Your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

Gas: This is usually negative in a dream. As gases are fumes that circulate in the air, so are conversations, rumors, etc. Be cautious of those that put you down, or speak negatively in order to get a rise out of you. You may treat them unjustly in a moment of rage and you will suffer remorse and injustice yourself.plant-714583_1920

Gate: A new phase in one’s life, or a new level of maturity.

Ghetto: You are lacking support, or love. Reflect on your own living situation.

Gift: This represents your expectations or hopes for the future. If you receive a gift and do not like it, you may be headed towards some disappointments.

Glass: A boundary, or protection around you. If the glass is dirty, you’re seeing things the wrong way. Be careful of speaking badly, or criticizing others.

Glove: Keeping a distance. You are cautious with your money and any business-related matters.

Glue: Parts of yourself that you are putting together. May also represent a connection, or strong bond.

Gold: The honesty and integrity of the dreamer. This may represent things that are of value to you, or aspects of yourself you and others may find valuable.


Goodbye: Something in your life may be leaving.

Government: An unfulfilled promise with either family or friends.

Graduate: You have proven yourself through the trials and are ready to move on.

Grandchild: A secure future in store for you.

Grandparents: Aspects of your personality that are wise. Symbolizes affection, warmth, and security.

Grave: You need to face your problems and not run or hide from them.cemetery-989920_1280

Green: Financial stability and happiness. Represents healing and new beginnings.

Gray: Symbolizes Dignity and Honor. Negatively, this may represent deceit, disgrace, and betrayal.

Grocery: This represents abundance. There is something you need, or wish you had that will make you feel excited and alive.shopping-1232944_1920

Guardian: Someone that is watching over you and protecting you in your waking life, or in the spiritual realm.

Gum: You may be experiencing some failures in the near future.

Gun: A violent solution to problems. This may be indicating that you need to calm your emotions.



Hair: Things that can come out of your head like thoughts, or your way of thinking. Long hair can represent a problem that needs to be thought out very well. If the hair is short, you may not be giving a situation, or problem, enough thought.


Hairy: A behavior that is excessive or overboard. Someone is being to liberal, or free, with their ideas.

Hammer: You may be over-caring for your family. Ease your grip a bit and let them live a little.

Hand: This may represent your creativity, prayers, or healing. You may be giving or needing a hand, or someones help. Washing your hands may represent your giving up on a situation.



Handle: This may represent finding the solution to a current problem.

Hat: What are you thinking about? What emotions have you been dealing with lately? Represents power and influence.

Head: The symbol of thought, reason, and clear thinking. If something is wrong with your head in the dream, you may not be able to think rationally about a situation.

Headache: You may be suffering from a lack of direction. Is there something your feeling guilty about (ex. sins)? Maybe it’s time you give back a little and involve yourself with some local charities and events, or any kind of charitable events.

Heart: You need to be more mindful of someone else’s feelings in your waking life. This dream may also represent your ability of caring for someone else.heart-1192662_1920

Hill: Through determination and perseverance, you will overcome all obstacles, or difficulties.

Hives: You might be worried about a certain situation or decision.

Hockey: You’ve been struggling in your life with certain issues and you’ve been trying to get out of it. Continue; through hard work and determination, you will succeed.

Home: Depends on what message your higher Self is trying to convey to you. It may represent the unconscious of your true identity.

Horse: Symbolizes strong, endurance, and power. A horse also represents released energy or stress.


Hose: Renewal and maintenance.  Are you watering plants? Is the hose tangled?

Hospital: Someone that is close to you needs emotional, physical, or spiritual help, or healing. There us a medical issue that needs attention in your waking life.

Hotel: A transition from one phase of your life to another. Hotels are usually a temporary stay and so are your troubles, or difficulties.

Hug: You are finally accepting a new part about yourself that is changing. Are you in need of love or the acceptance of yourself, or someone else?


Hurricane: There may be changes in your waking life that you are not happy with, or are upsetting you.

Husband: May represent various things related to your marriage. Usually it’s a concern for the person you love, wether it be career, relationship, health, etc.



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