Awaken the Real You

October 12, 2018

There’s a longing inside of us to be a part of something great,

An inexplicable persistence that neither can escape.

Our souls cry out from deep within,

“If you hear me, come find me, I’ll help you break-in!”

But, what does one search for and what do you do?

This preposterous idea that one holds as true?

From birth we’ve been taught, instilled ideals, and set goals,

Your life is your own. We seek Truth not Control.

But when we expand and explore that “truth”,

We are stunned at the lies, and turn into a sleuth.


Now one becomes knowledgeable of these questionable patterns,

You are on a new path and nothing else matters.

But what is this path you have risked it all for?

One can’t even see it, yet it feels like your door.


A profound connection you have made and rely on,

You’ve unlocked the Truth, you’ve been longing to set upon.

And now you’ve awakened to the Truth that holds true,

That longing inside you, God Almighty in you!

The Power of the Divine will guide you from here,

You’re no longer a servant, or robot, a silly puppeteer.

Our hearts are now free, there’s no void left to fill,

I am heading towards Light, a new home, a new will.


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