Today feels fitting to speak of the chaos within, we all are struggling with. Within our hearts and minds lies an unsettling amount of fear, worry, guilt, and what ifs. We feel chained to this life we are living in. Is there a way out? Is there really something better after the chaos is over?

For most, there is a mental confinement to where these chains feel permanent. We are entrapped with idealisms, political seperation, religious views, materialistic values, and the “ego”. Are we not capable of producing change? Change within our minds, our hearts, and in turn, this world we live in?

The confinememts to this world, we create. The confinements in our minds, we create. The confinements in our hearts, we create. We must refuse to inherit dysfunction. Action is what makes an idea. Without the idea, there’s no action, there is no manifestation, no results, and most importantly, no freedom!

Happy Independence Day!

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