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The Year of Transformation

January 4, 2020
Welcome to 2020

For many, 2020 will represent just another year, where for others, it is a year of deep spiritual significance. Now, you’ll find many raising the year 2020 as a doomsday scenario, or some kind of cataclysmic year, which really isn’t too far off. What do I mean? To an extent, it is a death of sorts. The death of our old self, our old ways, lessons learned (the easy way and the hard way), great political changes, the death of an era, of rigid ways, self-transformation, etc., etc.

Ready or not, here it comes!!!

Wether you are spiritually connected or not, this year will force us all into change. We will be forced to face our true reality in such a way, that confusion will likely set in. Who am I now? What’s my purpose? Why am I not happy?Where should I be at this point in my life? Why is this happening to me again? We will be pushed to our limits and placed in our most uncomfortable positions, until change is the only way. We should look at this time as opportunities for growth and not a place to stay. The vibrational energies will be increasing in order to take us to new spiritual heights.

Through the chaos, new opportunities are grown. This chaotic process is the one that will pave the way to new ideas. Many of us will be waking up to a new reality; new truths. Now, many will still be under the same toxic mentality that they’ve been conditioned to throughout their lives and they will find difficulty accepting the “New”. Nonetheless, these coming changes are imminent and necessary.

Focus and Acceptance

2020 should be a year of focus and acceptance. Focus on yourself and your spiritual evolution. Focus on being kind to others and yourself. Focus on prayer. After all, how do you expect for someone to hear you if you don’t speak? Focus on being greatful for all that you have. Remember that there will always be someone out there who has it worse than you. In every moment, be grateful! Focus on your family, your health. Focus on how you can be a better human so that others see you and would want to do the same.

Acceptance! Learning to accept the good and dark sides of ones self. To accept that everything we have gone through has transformed us to who we are today. This is the “you” that is needed for your next assignment. This is the year of accepting who we are, what we’ve done, and learning to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiving ourselves allows us to move forward and let go of burdens that do not serve a purpose any longer. This is also the year of accepting where we come from and whom we belong to. Although some of us have felt completely neglected, you are not alone. You are loved and very important. You were created with a purpose and matter more than you can ever imagine.

In regards to global transformations, I am not a psychic, just a dreamer. However, in my dreams I’ve seen many changes that promote Hope and Future peace. Do not allow the chaos around us to derail you. Remember, not everything that you see and hear is valid. Let your intuition be your guide. Pray continuously at every moment. We have an amazing Divine guidance that will never forsake us, no matter the storm. I pray that 2020 will bring Peace and Love into each of your hearts, transforming them like never before. And may you grow your relationship with our Divine maker, Jesus Christ, from here on out!

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