New Moon Beginnings

May 5, 2019

New Moon New Beginnings

By: Tania Ortega

Astrologer/Contributing Writer


I am so excited to be writing this weeks article! Finally, after the roller coaster we’ve been under with the clearing of old karma, feeling the depths of our emotions and having to let go. This New Moon in Taurus is the seed. The seed of new life, new hope, new dreams and new realities. It’s a breath of fresh air as Luna makes her way through one of her favorite signs Taurus. floorplan-57304_640In Taurus, the moon enjoys the beauty and love that only Taurus can bring. Some people believe that Taurus is where heaven is from. The Garden of Eden made manifest on earth. Now is the time to set the intention of what you REALLY want and let Luna, along with Uranus, take you there. We haven’t had a New Moon with Uranus in Taurus since the 1800’s.
zodiac-1647164_1280So, what we are experiencing today is not something that anyone currently alive has experienced. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the seeds that you plant during this New Moon. I’d expect to see results around the full moon in Taurus during Scorpio season. As New moons are new beginnings, Full moons are culminations of the new beginning. With that in mind these manifestations will take time. I caution you to be patient, with yourself now and others as well.
As revitalizing as this New Moon is, transiting Mars in Gemini, making an almost exact opposition to Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius. We must be mindful of this as we can be overly optimistic and overdue ourselves and take unnecessary risks. Mercury is also making a square to Pluto during this new moon, giving us an enhanced ability to uncover hidden information. new-moon-1146006_1280Of course, these feelings and information make us feel a bit pessimistic, yet we must try to understand where this lack of trust is coming from. On a more positive note Sol and Luna as well as Saturn are making beautiful sextiles to Neptune.
The divine is speaking to you; asking you to believe, to have faith, to know that you are in metamorphosis at this time. Your heart has been heard! And that soon, your world will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine. As you emerge from this moment and plant your new seeds, make sure that your heart is called with GRATITUDE and HOPE which equates to FAITH. May this New Moon be the beginning of our Happily Ever After’s. So mode it be.
Love & Light,

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