The Conversion

November 7, 2020

Do not forget the importance of an individual’s idiosyncrasies.

Entering uncharted territory, without direction or symmetry.

To the best of ones knowledge we may only comprehend,

The level of perception we have chosen to ascend.

TRUTH to many is becoming abundantly clear,

The world as we new it will soon disappear.

A new birth arose while the world was asleep,

A painful awakening; the transition runs deep.

Questions arise from the unconquerable souls,

As they weep from their hearts,

Watching evil control.

The storm is upon us,

Bringing violent whispers.

We’ve been warned by many, the prophets and scriptures.

Yet under the circumstances of the menacing horror,

Is a promise forthcoming from The Great Restorer.

Fear not and let go of the darkness before you,

We cannot run from it, but He who sits on the most high, will see us through.


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  • KINDNESS WISDOM November 7, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    Beautiful 😁⚜

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