A Promise Forthcoming

March 7, 2020

Vigilant to the enigmas unfolding,

An increase in a society whose agenda is controlling.

The past seems deep,

With morals and values too difficult to keep.

Oh, why have we allowed such disturbing changes?

We’re being played day by day on these here prepared stages.

Testing our faith, our beliefs in our God,

We are failing and giving in to this counterfeit facade.

These days have been written with pens in bright gold,

Our minds are confused and our hearts have grown cold.

Uncritically we move forward without question or concern,

To the backwards spiral, to the point of no return.

For as it was written, is how it shall be,

A world that’s united in Faith on our knees.

Praising the One who has provided it all,

In despair we will call Him to rescue our fall.

Oh God, please help me, have mercy on my soul,

I’m broken, defeated, will you make me whole?”

My child you’ve called me, it’s been quite a while,

I longed for the day, you have brought me a smile.

By your side I have been waiting patiently for the day,

 You would call on my Name and will let my love in.

By Grace you are saved, now your task has begun,

To save those just like you until we are done.

And on that day of promise you’ll be able to see,

The Heavens upon you and my children set free.”

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