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July 3, 2019

Whatever your political views or spiritual views are, we can pretty much agree that what the next couple of years holds for us, is nothing less than paramount. We’re living amongst wars, famine, human trafficking, all kinds of weather disasters, political warfare, and many technological advances (good and bad).

Having said that, what I am about to say is personal in view for each. The Navy recently came out saying that Aliens are in fact real, due to several aircraft encounters throughout the years. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2019/04/the-us-navy-confirmed-on-the-record-that-ufos-are.html. However, I am not here to convince anyone, or delve in the subject at this particular time. So, let’s see what message came through in my dream on June 29, 2019.


It was about 6 or 7 o’clock in the evening. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching the news. President Trump was seen addressing the nation regarding the confirmation that the Navy gave about the existence of Aliens. As we were watching in shock at what was being said, the television suddenly turned off.

There was a knock at our front door, and in came President Trump. He walked toward us and said, “Good evening folks, we’re just passing through to get to the other side. We will be presenting the first race of aliens on earth for all to see.” As I glanced at the front door again, I see a man (about 6′ feet tall) walking towards us. He had very pale skin and his hair was a bleached blonde with baby blue tones at the tips. His facial features where that of ours, however, his nose was less pronounced, almost flat.

He began to lean in, face-to-face, towards my husband and proceeded to blow air into his face. He then began to speak full sentences in a language that I couldn’t understand. I’m pretty certain it was an unearthly dialect. When he was finished, he came around and sat next to me. He grabbed my right arm and began to smell my cheeks and hair. He starred at me as if detailing every single part of my face. He started giving me pecks on my right arm and cheeks and then took off with President Trump to make is debut.


Blowing air in face:

This may represent a spiritual connection to someone. It may be a form of initiation of some sort. An activation of ones hidden talents, or gifts.

Right Arm:

This usually represents ones personality and their outgoing nature. In this case, it represents a Male figure.


In this case, this persona was smelling my arm. This is a symbol for him trying to get a sense of who I am, a sense of good or evil.


In this case, the connection the being received from me was that of a positive one. His kisses, or pecks on my arm, were a sign of his spiritual connection with me.

***For more dreams interpreted, leave me a message in the comment box below. Please allow 24 hours.❤

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