“Recurring Numbers”

July 2, 2018

Ever notice a certain number, or number patterns that keep appearing to you? Maybe you look at the clock randomly and it’s 11:11, or 5:55? You might pay at a restaurant, and the bill comes out to $22.22, or $3.33. You may choose not to make anything of it, or dismiss it as nothing at all, but pay close attention, these numbers just may be a cosmic signal. Let’s explore a few of the most common recurring numbers.

Screenshot_20180702-082331Ones represent intuition and awareness. It may be an inner knowledge that you are not paying attention to. As for 11:11, it represents enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Notice what’s on your mind at that exact moment; a spirit guide may be trying to guide you. The lesson you need to learn, will soon be right in front of you.

Screenshot_20180702-081630Two is the number that represents duality. Everything that we perceive as good and bad, light and darkness, real or not, here and there, past and present. This number can go either way if not balanced. 222 is letting you know that your ideas and thoughts are being manifested. So make sure you keep your thoughts positive and you intentions pure. Trust that everything is working out the way it’s suppose to.

Screenshot_20180702-085241Three is a very powerful number! It represents the Trinity (Father, son and the Holy Spirit), mind, body and soul, past, present, future, and so on. It tells of intuition, siccess, and good luck.  333 is a message from your angels, that they are working with you to make your dreams a reality. Make sure you are very clear in your intentions.

Screenshot_20180702-081610Four is a grounded number and represents stability and calmness. It symbolizes being present in the “now”. The angels are surrounding you and reassuring you of their love and help. They offer mental, emotional and physical support. 444 will usually appear when you’re feeling confused or conflicted, and need a push of encouragement.

Screenshot_20180702-082151Five represents our 5 senses, adventure and freedom. Any life changes you may be experiencing (such as marriage, divorce, a new job) and making important choices. 555 says that things are changing very quickly in your life in order for you to grow and expand your conciousness.

Screenshot_20180702-082732Six represents balance between earth and the spiritual realm. It symbolizes intuition, clairvoyance, and other things, like the “sixth sense”. This number represents a person who nurtures and is compassionate towards others. 666 is letting you know that your thoughts are out of balance. Focus on God and serving others, and all your other needs will be met.

Screenshot_20180702-085310Seven is associated with synchronicity good luck, and your 7 chakras. This number aids in the development of wisdom and is connected to the search for truth and the meaning of life. 777 is letting you know that you are on the right track in every aspect of your life. Try to stay balanced and aware spiritually in order to keep advancing.

Screenshot_20180702-083413Eight is connected to financial well-being and abundance. It is a number that brings balance, it unites the concious with the unconscious, and the earthly with the spiritual world. What you give, is what you get. 888 is telling you that there is a situation, period, or phase in your current life, that will soon come to an end.Screenshot_20180702-083909Nine is the number of fulfillment. This is the number that is connected to ones higher purpose and life mission. It pushes us to step back and really analyze our life. 911 tells us to stay positive about your life and purpose. 999 says it’s time to start a new journey and let go of anything that is not serving us. Nine is a completion, or closure.

Screenshot_20180702-084231The number Zero is actually very common and extremely important! It represents oneness with God, your angels, and is never-ending. It invites us to open up our hearts and tap into our intuition and communication with God. You are entirely on the right path. Something has come full circle.

These numbers help us on our life’s journey and offer love, hope and encouragement when we need it most. Seeing numbers in this way is a message to you. It is the angelic realm communicating to you in a special “code“. There are endless number sequences and meanings, we just have to learn how to decode them. Pay attention to the numbers presented to you on your daily journey. What message do the angels have for you?

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  • VerosDreamState July 2, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Thank you for all your insight!! I love receiving my spiritual messages from God/Universe/Angels— whether it is a beautiful feather on my path or a recurring number flashing in my consciousness — I pay attention and love all my messages from Spirit! ❤Thanks for sharing! ❤
    Elsa Howard

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