Letter “O” Dreams

Oath: You may be experience some kind of chaos, or turmoil in your current life. If you decide against taking an oath, this may represent a certain relationship or situation that will begin to better itself. Oatmeal: Your quality of life will begin to get better soon. Observe: Whenever you are an observer in your... Continue Reading →

My Wish for You

As the holidays draw near, comes the closing of another year. A time of reflection, of family and cheer. The struggles you've gone through and memories made, The close calls and quarrels you were able to evade. For many it's cheerful, for some not at all. They'll find themselves lonely as the night begins to... Continue Reading →


Nails: This may often depend on the length of the nails. It may represent how long or short  of a happy period you have coming into your life. Overall, it symbolizes how well of a grasp you have on things. Napoleon: Although this may represent brilliance and power, this may also lean towards a person... Continue Reading →

The Times Approaching

The thunder rolls in with a prominent presence, A rumble so strong, it will come from the heavens. The tone will be infused with scripture fulfilled, We've been told of HIS coming, the NEW Start, THE Rebuild. No time to waste, for the time is NOW! We must NOT give up, DON'T give in, DON'T... Continue Reading →

Dreams M

Macaroni: This represents happiness within ones family. You will be able to obtain the life that you want, just make sure you attend to those unfinished tasks. Macaroon: Things are looking up in business and finances. You feel like you are finally free from burden after a struggling period in your life. Machine: The mechanical... Continue Reading →

Dreams K-L

Dreams K Key: Unlocking new ideas and opportunities.  You are developing your personality and spiritual growth. Kick: Kicking away bad habits. This may also represent the need for spiritual development. Kill: This represents either a part of yourself you need to get rid of, or someone in your waking life that is trying to influence... Continue Reading →

Dreams I-J

I Ice: Being emotionally cold or distant. Iceberg: Careful with your cold actions as it may cost you. Sit back, relax, and soften up those emotions. Icehouse: Pay attention to your own frigid ways, or that of a particular situation at home. you may want to try the softer approach of things. Idol: Throwing yourself... Continue Reading →

Dreams G-H

G Galaxy: Something very big will occur that will spark your creativity and imagination. Sit back and analyze where you were in life, and how you have arrived to where you are now. Gap: You need to hear the two sides of every story. Have you been feeling distance from someone as of late? Garage:... Continue Reading →

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