Mala Beads


  • UNIQUE BEADED NECKLACE FOR THE SPIRITUALLY ORIENTED — The Combination of Black Onyx Hematite and Lava Rocks was selected to help you balance the energies that exist between Body and Mind while creating Harmony within. LAVA ROCKS are porous making them perfect for absorbing and diffusing Essential Oils, turning your Meditation Beads into an AROMATHERAPY NECKLACE. *Add a drop of your Favorite Essential Oil to the surface of a lava bead and enjoy its Healing Benefits
  • GEMSTONES WITH A PURPOSE — The Aventurine Mala was designed to help you stay Centered during your Mantra Recitations and Chanting Practice through the act of COUNTING BEADS. In addition, you’ll benefit from the properties of the HEALING CRYSTALS selected. Gemstones are widely known for being ENERGY CONDUCTORS that Amplify, Restore and Create Energies within our Bodies and Minds
  • METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES — Attract LOVE and ABUNDANCE with GREEN AVENTURINE. This Gem is often referred to as “THE PROSPERITY STONE”, and thought to attract Success, Money, Love and New Opportunities. Meditate with Aventurine to Draw a More Suitable Lover or Better Career Opportunities   
  • GENUINE SEMI PRECIOUS GEMSTONES — These Beautifully 6mm Polished Stones are threaded onto a Durable Elastic Cord (measuring roughly between 16″ and 17″ in length), allowing the PRAYER BEADS to be worn as either a Multilayer Wrap Bracelet or Necklace. They make a Stylish Gift for many occasions due to its Versatile Design and come with an Elegant Velvet Bag and Informational Card
  • NOTE TO OUR VALUABLE CUSTOMERS — Our Energy Jewelry is Handmade from Natural Gemstones. The Color and Size of the Beads may vary slightly from one Necklace to another making each Mala Unique. Our Team is available to handle all questions or concerns about our products. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR MAIN PRIORITY and your Feedback Highly Appreciated as it helps us improve the ability to serve you.


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