7 Chakras Essential Oil Set & Healing Stones


Demystify the World of Chakra Healing!

This set of 7 unique oil blends uses the power of plant extracts to heal, soothe, and energize you!

The oils in The Chakra Set are specially formulated to target each of the 7 energy centers of your body- your “Chakras”- and provide effective, relaxing, cleansing, mood enhancing, and revitalizing results, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet!

Each oil blend combines between 5 and 8 plant extracts (like eucalyptus, chamomile, frankincense, & peppermint) to create calming blends and unique herbal aromas which are effective natural remedies to issues like stress, migraines, congestion, and inflammation.

In addition, your box comes with a set of Chakra Stones which are hand-engraved crystal gemstones used for ceremonies, rituals, and practices like reiki, meditation, massage therapy, and energy balancing!



Elixir By Bita 7 Chakras Essential Oils Set of 7 Essential Oil Blends and 7 Gemstone Crystals and Healing Stones.


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  • Dream: Great for sleep
  • Focus: Powerful for concentration
  • Breathe: Effective decongestant
  • Cleanse: Potent disinfectant and immunity booster
  • Digest: Assists in digestion
  • Energize: Active energy booster
  • Relax: Calming de-stresser


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