Dream Catchers

A little history lesson never hurt anyone! I always see people driving around with Dream Catchers on their rear view mirror, or wearing them as jewelry, but do they really know the true meaning behind them? Now, depending on which Native American tribe you most associate with, will determine the explanation of a Dream Catcher.... Continue Reading →

“Extraordinary Travels”

Through multiple world's we travel, at the closing of our night. These world's that seem so far to us, are but a short and simple flight. There are color's I've never seen before, so spectacular and bright. Father I Thank You for this life of mine, for my family, and my sight. The energies so... Continue Reading →

“The search for Soul”

Through the archways of the soul lies a mysterious hidden world. A world unknown to many because of the vastness of the journey. To travel that far and wide is the pure essence of Divinity. The one that we should hope for, get to know, and and pray for many. This journey isn't easy, we... Continue Reading →

Purchase Dream Paintings

All paintings may be purchased through my Pay Pal account. Please log on to:**Pay pal account currently closed due to fraud activity. Please message me for purchases. Sorry for the inconvenience.Prints: $65.50T Thank you for contributing to Verosdreamstate.org

“The Announcement”

Have you ever had a premonition? My dream last night began with a feeling that something was about to happen. Something that would change everyone, for better or for worst, in an instant. I was at a grand event of some sort. Present, were many of my family and friends, along with some of the... Continue Reading →


Life can be truly amazing. And just when it's great, it can take a turn for the worst, just like that! We live in a society that knows just how far to push our buttons. From the moment we leave our house to go to work we encounter traffic, someone may cut you off, there's... Continue Reading →

“A Collage of Thoughts”

How many of you have had those nights where you have multiple dreams? Anyone can have multiple dreams at night. Experts in Neuroscience and Psychology say that we dream every 90 minutes throughout the night, every cycle being longer that the one before. According to scientific investigations, our brain takes "random" images from our subconscious... Continue Reading →

“Unusual day at the office”

You know what spirit loves most about sending us messages in our dreams? Symbols that make no sense to us whatsoever! Do you know why? They want us to put forth the effort in finding out their true meaning. It is our way of showing them that, not only are we thankful for their insight,... Continue Reading →

“The Colorful House”

Messages in dreams take place in many ways. One of the most common ways are colors. It may be a yellow car, a black dress, the red door knob, or even a multicolored house. Colors express our feelings, personality traits, or choices we make. It is most important to take into account the color/s that... Continue Reading →

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